Families who currently have children in lessons: we talk a lot about maintenance lessons after your child’s session … but equally as important are parent/caregiver lessons! 

In-water parent lessons are just as valuable as the one-on-one lessons with your child has with their instructor. 

Your child on average has 6 weeks in lessons, then MONTHS of play time post session with you, their parent/caretaker. They will retain just as much, if not more, in the water with you as they did in lessons. Therefore, every time you play with them, it's vital to reinforce proper swimming skills that you've invested time into building! 

We strongly encourage parents to join in on a lesson or two once their child is fully skilled. We can instruct you while you sit poolside during lessons, but it's a whole different experience being hands-on with your child in the water. 

Chat with your instructor about the best time to hop in for a lesson to learn some tips and tricks to keep your child swimming as safely and efficiently as possible. Pool time will be more enjoyable if you and your child are on the same page with how to play without picking up bad habits. 

 Pro tip: If YOU know how to work with your child in the water, you won't need frequent maintenance lessons to ensure retention of their aquatic sensory motor skills!