Summer isn’t quite over yet and with many more warm days, water safety is still so important. 

We know kids get tired and want to just “relax” on a pool float. Sadly, not all pool toys are the same.
Thanks to our friends at @castinghope_ for the image above and be sure to check out these important tips below: 

 Look for floats with solid or mesh bottoms. This style prevents your child from forming vertical and dangerous swimming postures. 

 Always be within arms reach of non-swimmers and developing swimmers.

 Large floats can create visual barriers and can impact supervision.

 Always make sure there are enough “water watchers” around. 

 Always make sure to removed floats and pool toys from the pool and pool area. Fun toys left behind can lure kids back to the water when their not expected to be swimming. Take that temptation away by properly securing and storing toys.